Who We Are

We are the store owners who have the responsibility of running this store and seeing all the management of the store.

Our Story

My name is khurram Mustafa and i am the founder of this store.I've been selling electronic items for a long time.Some time ago I met my friends and asked them what they were doing in life so i found out that they also specialize in different fields.However,we thought we would digitally transmit all these skills to people which will benefit the people as well as our skills being a place.We want to provide goods to people at a lower price than other stores it benefits people to give them good quality at a lower cost .


The Right People In The Right Jobs

We have decided that we will maintain our own position and designation in sentmart store.

Khurram Mustafa
CEO & Founder

I am the founder of this sentmart . my best effort would be to move it forward in the digital way with our team.

Muzzamil Moin

I am the managing director of sentmart.and my best effort is to move my team forward in the digital world.

Abdul Rehman Social Media Marketer

My best effort will be to get all the product to as many people as possible with my team through social media.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

Our team support you via contact page.